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Gomory has been given seven honorary degrees and many significant awards (see below). He has been elected to both the National Academy of Science and the National Academy of Engineering.


Vannevar Bush Award, 2021

Harold Larnder Prize of the Canadian Operational Research Society, 2006

International Federation of Operational Research Societies’ Hall of Fame, 2005

Sheffield Fellowship Award of the Yale University Faculty of Engineering, 2000

Madison Medal of Princeton University, 1999

The 4th Annual Heinz Award for Technology, the Economy and Employment, 1998

Arthur M. Bueche Award of the National Academy of Engineering, 1993

IEEE Engineering Leadership Recognition Award, 1988

National Medal of Science, 1988

Medal of the Industrial Research Society, 1985

John von Neumann Theory Prize of INFORMS, 1984

Harry Goode Memorial Award of the American Federation of Information Processing Societies, 1984

IBM Fellow, 1964

Lanchester Prize of the Operations Research Society, 1963

Honorary Degrees:

University of Montreal (Canada), 2007

University of Eindhoven (Netherlands), 2001

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1989

Carnegie Mellon University, 1989

Pace University, 1986

Williams College, 1973

Polytechnic University, before 1988

In addition, four awards have been established in Gomory’s honor. The National Academy of Science’s Award for the industrial application of science, established by IBM, the Ralph Gomory Prize of the Business History Conference, established by the Sloan Foundation, the Gomory-Mayadas Award for quality online education presented annually by the On-Line Consortium, and the Ralph Gomory Best Paper Award presented annually by the Industry Studies Association.