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How to Steal an American Election
The Hill, February 2, 2020

The way political campaigns reach voters is changing, and this change is throwing our upcoming presidential election wide open to foreign intervention.

Ralph Gomory Wins the 2021 Vannevar Bush Award from the NSB 

The award honors science and technology leaders who have made substantial contributions to the welfare of the U.S. through public service in science, technology, and public policy.

In This Crisis, It’s Not Stupidity, It’s the Money: Three Relevant Laws
Huffington Post, October 2013

This article details three basic laws about discussion, especially political discussion, that are useful in many situations, but especially regarding the confrontational state of our government today.

Industry Studies: An Observational Science
Annual Meeting Lecture, December 15, 2005

Industry studies resemble that part of biology that deals with ecological systems. Direct observation is necessary, as is theoretical work that organizes what has been seen.

Internet Learning in the U.S.: Where it is and where it is going?
UNESCO-UPR Lecture, October 22, 2001

This lecture describes the state of the art in internet learning in the U.S. at the time of the talk.

Work and Family – Is there inherent conflict?
Radcliffe Talk – October 12, 2000

Internet Learning: It is real and what does it mean for Universities?
Sheffield Lecture – Yale University, January 11, 2000

This  discusses the state of internet learning (in 2001) and its likely effect on universities.

Three Jobs, Two People
Washington Post, June 2, 1999

Co-authored by Kathleen E. Christensen, this piece discusses the problems faced by two-earner families as the state of the American workplace changes.

Statement on Corporate Responsiblity, The Business Rountable, 1981 

Statement on Corporate Governance, The Business Roundtable, 1997